Crates LLC is continuously looking for ways to cut costs for our customers. The following are some testimonials from a few of our many satisfied customers.

JP @ High Tech Electronics Company.

We've known Stan for many years. Because of his attention to detail and understanding of our companies needs his business has become an extension of shipping department. He is always available and delivers product exactly when needed.

CH @ World Class Optics Company

Stan has been essential in reducing costs for our company by reducing storage space for shipping crates by implementing JIT theories and KanBan rules when applicable. That space is now being used for the new products assembly dept.

TA @ Electronics Co.

Crates LLC has the lowest pricing around. The quality is always consistent and exceeds previous competitor's products. We are a small company that doesn't have high volume buying leverage but with Stan we feel we are receiving a fair price for individual custom crates. Our department has saved over 20% on crating supplies.

FS @ Optics Supply Company

I like calling Stan with the inside dimensions of a custom crate and the next morning receiving exactly what I need for international & domestic shipping. This is so much easier, no worries, and increases my departments capacity for production. No more worries on tight schedules.